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Zip Codes for the United States -3


264 ANGUILLA (All of Anguilla)

268 ANTIGUA and BARBUDA (All of Antigua and Barbuda)

242 BAHAMAS (All of Bahamas)

246 BARBADOS (All of Barbados)

441 BERMUDA (All of Bermuda)

284 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS (All of the British Virgin Islands)

345 CAYMAN ISLANDS (All of the Cayman Islands)


767 DOMINICA (All of Dominica)

809 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (All of the Dominican Republic)

473 GRENADA (All of Grenada)

671 GUAM (All of Guam)

876 JAMAICA (All of Jamaica)

664 MONTSERRAT (All of Montserrat)

787 PUERTO RICO (All of Puerto Rico)

869 ST KITTS AND NEVIS (All of St Kitts and Nevis)

758 ST LUCIA (All of St Lucia)

784 ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES (All of St Vincent and the Grenadines)

868 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (All of Trinidad and Tobago)

649 TURKS & CAICOS (All of Turks and Caicos)

340 US VIRGIN ISLANDS (All of the US Virgin Islands)


201 NJ New Jersey (NE. New Jersey including Bergen and Hudson counties)

202 DC District of Columbia (All of Washington, DC)

203 CT Connecticut (SW. Connecticut including Fairfield and New Haven counties)

204 MB Manitoba (All of Manitoba)

205 AL Alabama (Birmingham and N. Alabama)

206 WA Washington (Seattle area)

207 ME Maine (All of Maine)

208 ID Idaho (All of Idaho)

209 CA California (Stockton and central California)

210 TX Texas (San Antonio area)

212 NY New York (Manhattan area)

213 CA California (Downtown Los Angeles area only)

214 TX Texas (downtown Dallas area)

215 PA Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area)

216 OH Ohio (Cleveland and NE. Ohio)

217 IL Illinois (Springfield and central Illinois)

218 MN Minnesota (Duluth and N. Minnesota)

219 IN Indiana (S. Bend and N. Indiana)

225 LA Louisiana (To Be Determined)

228 MS Mississippi (All of Mississippi excluding Jackson)

240 MD Maryland (western Maryland including Hagerstown, overlays with 301)

242 BAHAMAS (All of Bahamas)

246 BARBADOS (All of Barbados)

248 MI Michigan (Oakland County only)

250 BC British Columbia (All except Vancouver area)

252 NC N. Carolina (NE. N. Carolina including Rocky Mount)

253 WA Washington (Tacoma and S. Seattle suburbs

including Auburn)

254 TX Texas (N. central Texas including Waco)

256 AL Alabama (N Alabama surrounding and excluding Birmingham)

264 ANGUILLA (All of Anguilla)

268 ANTIGUA and BARBUDA (All of Antigua and Barbuda)

281 TX Texas (Houston area, overlays with 713)

284 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS (All of the British Virgin Islands)

301 MD Maryland (Hagerstown and western Maryland, overlays with 240)

302 DE Delaware (All of Delaware)

303 CO Colorado (Denver area, overlays with 720)

304 WV West Virginia (All of West Virginia)

305 FL Florida (Miami and SE. Florida)

306 SK Saskatchewan (All of Saskatchewan)

307 WY Wyoming (All of Wyoming)

308 NE Nebraska (N. Platte and western Nebraska)

309 IL Illinois (Peoria and central western Illinois)

310 CA California (Santa Monica and Malibu areas only)

312 IL Illinois (downtown central Chicago area)

313 MI Michigan (Detroit and inner Detroit suburbs)

314 MO Missouri (St Louis area)

315 NY New York (Syracuse and NW. New York)

316 KS Kansas (Wichita and S. Kansas)

317 IN Indiana (Indianapolis area)

318 LA Louisiana (Shreveport and western Louisiana)

319 IA Iowa (Dubuque and eastern Iowa)

320 MN Minnesota (central Minnesota excluding Minneapolis/St Paul)

323 CA California (Los Angeles excluding downtown Los Angeles)

330 OH Ohio (NE. Ohio except Cleveland)

334 AL Alabama (Montgomery and S. Alabama)

336 NC N. Carolina (Greensboro and northwest N. Carolina)

340 US VIRGIN ISLANDS (All of the US Virgin Islands)

345 CAYMAN ISLANDS (All of the Cayman Islands)

352 FL Florida (Gainesville and central Florida)

360 WA Washington (western Washington except Seattle and surrounding areas)

401 RI Rhode Island (All of Rhode Island)

402 NE Nebraska (Omaha and eastern Nebraska)

403 AB Alberta (Calgary and S. Alberta)

404 GA Georgia (central Atlanta area, overlays with 678)

405 OK Oklahoma (Oklahoma City and central Oklahoma)

406 MT Montana (All of Montana)

407 FL Florida (Orlando and central eastern Florida)

408 CA California (San Jose and Santa Clara county)

409 TX Texas (Beaumont and SE. Texas except Houston)

410 MD Maryland (Baltimore and eastern Maryland, overlays with 443)

412 PA Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area only)

413 MA Massachusetts (Springfield and western Massachusetts)

414 WI Wisconsin (Milwaukee area)

415 CA California (San Francisco and bay area)

416 ON Ontario (Toronto and SE. Ontario)

417 MO Missouri (Springfield and SW. Missouri)

418 PQ Quebec (Quebec and eastern Quebec)

419 OH Ohio (Toledo and NW. Ohio)

423 TN Tennessee (Knoxville, Chattanooga and eastern Tennessee)

425 WA Washington (N. Seattle suburbs including Everett)

435 UT Utah (All of Utah excluding Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo areas)

440 OH Ohio (NE. Ohio excluding Cleveland)

441 BERMUDA (All of Bermuda)

443 MD Maryland (eastern Maryland including Baltimore, overlays with 410)

450 PQ Quebec (central S. Quebec excluding Montreal)


473 GRENADA (All of Grenada)


501 AR Arkansas (Little Rock and NW. Arkansas including Fayetteville)

502 KY Kentucky (Louisville and western Kentucky)

503 OR Oregon (Portland, Salem and NW. Oregon)

504 LA Louisiana (New Orleans and SE. Louisiana)

505 NM New Mexico (All of New Mexico)

506 NB New Brunswick (All of New Brunswick)

507 MN Minnesota (Rochester and S. Minnesota)

508 MA Massachusetts (S Massachusetts)

509 WA Washington (Spokane and eastern Washington)

510 CA California (Berkeley, Oakland and Fremont areas)

512 TX Texas (Austin and central S. Texas)

513 OH Ohio (Cincinnati area)

514 PQ Quebec (Montreal area)

515 IA Iowa (Des Moines and central Iowa)

516 NY New York (Long Island area)

517 MI Michigan (Lansing and central Michigan)

518 NY New York (NE. New York)

519 ON Ontario (London and SW. Ontario)

520 AZ Arizona (All of Arizona except Phoenix)

530 CA California (Chico and NE. California excluding


540 VA Virginia (Roanoke and W. and N. Virginia excluding Arlington)